We’ve started luggage storage and delivery service to make guests enjoy world heritage sites in Kudoyama, with hands-free.

It might be very tough to walk along ‘Choichi-michi’, which is pilgrimage route to Koyasan, designed in World heritage site to Koyasan with heavy or large-size luggage. In that case, please let us keep your luggage! 

We hope you’ll enjoy your trip in Kudoyama, Koyasan as much as you can.


Kudoyama taxi tourist information center has 2 services!

① Luggage Delivery Service to temple lodging (guesthouse) in Koyasan.

If you leave your luggage with us before 1pm, we can surely deliver them to temple lodging (guesthouse) in Koyasan before 5 pm.No need to go trekking with heavy and large luggage!

Before start trekking to Koyasan, please stop by our place!


② Luggage storage service in Kudoyama

To enjoy hanging out in historical places like Kudoyama, foot of Koyasan, you can leave large suitcases, heavy items, souvenirs that obstacle your sightseeing.

You don’t need to book in advance. You just leave luggage and pick up them after sightseeing. Enjoy your trip with hands-free!


Please note, this service is available only in Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.


There’s cafe named ‘Cafe Ryuon’(喫茶龍王) in the Kudoyama taxi tourist information center. 

You can enjoy nice and spicy curry named ‘Bara-curry’ and coffee. This is highly recommended!

From Kudoyama to Koyasan.

To guests who go trekking to Koyasan via pilgrimage route, ‘Choichi-michi’ which is designed as world heritage.

Please leave your luggage and enjoy trekking with hands-free in the route where Kukai used to walk while praying. We surely bring your luggage to your temple lodging (guesthouse) in Koyasan.

(Need to advance book)

Please feel free to contact to us and tell the destination, the number of luggage etc. We can arrange in accordance with your situation.

If you leave your luggage from 9 am to 1 pm at Kudoyama taxi tourist information center, we can deliver them to temple lodging (guesthouse) until 5 pm.

Please feel free to contact to us!

Email:  kudoyama1@gmail.com

You can leave your luggage in Kudoyama taxi tourist information center.

Just 3min from Nankai Kudoyama station.

Advance booking is available both by phone and e-mail.

Please walk forward to the traffic light ‘Town office’ from Nankai railway Kudoyama station.


We’re waiting for your booking!

The available area of delivery service is inside Koyasan etc, about 20 km from Kudoyama area. Please contact to us if the destination is far, or the number of luggage is more than 6 packs.

Price: Only 500 yen per luggage.

(Sama price is applied irrespective of the luggage size)

Please leave your luggage and enjoy hanging-out, feel the history, culture of the town with hands-free!


Please feel free to contact to us!

Email:  kudoyama1@gmail.com

電話   0736-54-2328

The place of luggage storage serviceKudoyama taxi tourist information center:1138-4, Kudoyama, Kudoyama-cho, Ito-gun, Wakayama-ken.


Available time and date: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

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If you wish to have a special trip such as ‘Surprise Tour’ or recommended tour by our concierge, please contact us, too!We surely will provide special memory for you! Please tell us your wish when the booking of luggage delivery service or luggage storage in Kudoyama